What is dummytravels.com?

dummytravels.com offers a convenient service that provides flight reservations and hotel bookings. These reservations include a verifiable PNR (Passenger Name Record) code, allowing users to verify their bookings directly on major airline websites. Whereas for hotels, we are dedicated to provide dummy and real both bookings.

Why use dummytravels.com?

  • Swift: Get a legitimate flight reservation!
  • Effortless: We've streamlined the process to make it incredibly easy.
  • Authentic: Our flight reservations are 100% genuine. You can verify the validity of your reservation on leading airline websites.

What will I be provided with?

Upon form submission, you will receive a PDF document containing a flight itinerary or hotel booking (according to your requested details) for your chosen route, along with a PNR code or booking ref. that serves as confirmation of your reservation.

What is the duration of validity for the dummy flight reservation?

Our flight reservations are valid upto few days. The validity of our tickets are totally dependent on airline, your journey route and date. It's generally remain valid from 3-5 days upto a week but never guaranteed. It may be expired in 3-5 days, or can stay valid upto a week at maximum. Therefore it is advisable requesting your itinerary on the same day as your application submission or one day before your departure to ensure alignment with the ticket's validity. Our tickets are ideal for proof of onward travel if booked same day or the day before departure. For visa applications, if your visa process extends beyond this timeframe, they may not be suitable.

What is the duration of validity for the dummy hotel reservation?

Our hotel reservations are valid for more than a month depending on your travel dates. We usually cancel the hotel booking from 1-2 days upto 1 week before check-in date. For example, if you book a hotel for 1st July, we may cancel it anyday between 24 June to 30 June depending on circumstances. Also, it is to note that there are certain cases, where we may be needed to cancel the hotel reservation earlier but its very rear. We are sole responsible for cancelling our dummy hotel reservations and the customer don't need to do anything. This is imperative to ensure compliance with our policy, which mandates cancellation needs to be done before check-in day/time at the property. Rest assured, all of our hotel reservations are 100% verifiable that can be confirmed via calling to the respective hotel phone number specified in the booking.

What are the working hours of this service?

Our working hours are 10 AM to 5 PM Gulf Standard Time (GST). In these hours, we promptly respond to our customer for normal or urgent ticket requests. Any request received after 5 PM Gulf Standard Time will be taken to the next corresponding day.

What is urgent and normal delivery option?

We have two options in our website for dummy flight tickets and hotel bookings i.e. Normal and Urgent delivery. If you chooses normal delivery option while submitting the form for your itinerary, we will send you the requested itinerary within 12-24 hours. If you chooses the urgent delivery option while submitting the form for your itinerary, we will send you the requested itinerary within 1-2 hours. Our urgent option is available in our working hours only.

What if I raised a dispute regarding your service due to any kind of unsatisfaction?

Please highly note that, we are always honest, loyal and kind with our customers. In case of any kind of unsatisfaction, we highly suggest and expect you to contact us via email or our support team and we will try to resolve the matter as soon as possible. We promise our customers to provide support at our best. But despite everything, if you dont contact us or give us proper time to respond back, and directly raised the claim/dispute to the payment gateway, it will not make you refund but will put you in weeks or months long struggle to refund back your money. Therefore, again, we sincerely request all of our customers, to please contact us in case of refund for any kind of unsatisfaction. If there is any error in the ticket due to our own oversight, or not according to your requested details, we are always willing to refund back your payment instantly.

Does this service apply to any kind of visa application?

Yes it works for the vast majority of visa applications. Anyone who needs to apply for a visa of any kind can use this service to book their flights reservation/dummy ticket. You can use our service to obtain a US/UK/Canada/Australia/Schengen or anyother country visa. However, we also recommend that you confirm with the respective consulate or embassy because some may require a fully booked and paid ticket, which we do not provide.

Is it possible to modify the information on my flight reservation?

Once the reservation is made through our website, modifications are not possible as the process is instantaneous; therefore, any changes would require creating a new booking.

If my departure date is soon i.e. within 1-2 weeks, will it impact my dummy ticket validity?

Our policy states that the dummy tickets will be valid from 3-5 days or maximum a week but that is only possible when the departure date is atleast 3-4 weeks away. In case your departure date is within 1-2 weeks period, you may not achieve this validity.
For example, if you buy a dummy ticket on 22th June for 1st July departure date, the ticket may be valid for 24-48 hours maximum.
Similarly, if you buy a dummy ticket on 22th June for 25th July departure date, the ticket may be valid for 3-5 days or maximum a week.

Is the dummy flight reservation suitable for real air travel?

This reservation is solely for booking a dummy flight for visa & proof of travel purposes only. You cannot use this ticket for real air travel.

Is it possible to receive a refund for my ticket in the event that I am dissatisfied?

Certainly, in the event that an error is identified in the ticket due to our own oversight, we will accept full responsibility and proceed to promptly refund the entire amount paid by you.